"If you are a lazy yogi, or full of Red Bull and chomping at the bit - Ahmed is your man. With a light hearted determination, Ahmed will take you through an athlete's flow with a safe pace that will leave you floating out the door. Not only that, but he's a handsome devil to boot - charming - with a very positive energy that is contagious!" - Max G.



“I consider myself a beginner Yogi, always learning. I've never quite been able to find a teacher who took the time to help me develop a commitment and love for yoga, that is until I met Ahmed. His passion for yoga and teaching is so clearly felt and transmitted in every class. I'm lucky to have him guide me on my yoga journey.” - Shakti N.



“Before I ever tried yoga I had a small cloud of hesitation that hung over me. Within it lurked the history of my culture and home life, one that stigmatized certain forms of activity. Combined with - what appeared to be - everyone else's aerobic perfection in every yoga gym in LA just doubled that hesitation. 

So I gotta admit I was pretty fortunate to find Ahmed on the beach with his free introductory yoga class. You can tell right away how sincere he is about his work. His manner and direction gives you a sense of ease and confidence as you partake in the workout. He also has a gift for knowing just the right combination positions to make a workout that is both taxing yet rewarding. I'd trust him over anyone else in LA.” - Chris J.



"Ahmed is the real deal among the sea of yoga teachers.  His classes are both a challenging work-out and a aura of positive energy.  Few teachers are able to maintain a calm cadence as the speed of the poses increases...but his voice stays peaceful through-out!  He is kind and warm, and while he is focused on alignment, he reminds you to go at your own pace.  His teaching has stretching, a warm up, then a series of poses that move along faster, with meditation at the end.  I highly recommend his classes!" Laura R. 



"Ahmed is an incredible yoga instructor, of course, but what makes his classes so special is his genuine personality. He really cares about people and sharing his love of yoga with them. I especially enjoy his Beach Yoga! He is great at customizing poses for specific needs. I take his yoga class before playing flag football on the beach, and it really gets the right muscles activated and ready to perform while reducing any chance of injuring myself. Ahmed is awesome, and I highly recommend getting to know him and his yoga practice!" Kellie C.